A Virtual Tour of Wildest Greens

Wildest Greens is an Organic Restaurant in Palm Desert, CA. Our efforts to make you feel healthier and happier don’t stop with food and beverages. We’ve designed the restaurant to be bright, welcoming, up beat, and user friendly.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by our friendly hosts and given several options for placing your order. We know you’re busy, so we’ve implemented some ordering solutions that will shorten your wait time.

Coffee Corner

Wildest Greens Coffee Bar

Our coffee bar features a variety of organic coffee drinks and teas, house-made kombucha and local craft beer on tap, organic wines, and other beverages.

The Smoothie Bar

the farm

Sip one of our many made-to-order organic smoothies, or over-the-counter shots of healthy elixirs. You’ll also find frozen desserts here like our soon-to-be-famous ‘Banana Brain Freezie’ which can be topped with melted dark chocolate, your choice of nuts, shaved coconut, or another healthy topping.

The Fridge

the fridge

Go to The Fridge for nourishing delights that will be stocked here, including freshly made raw cold pressed juices, nut milks, and other healthy foods that are perfect on-the-run.

The Garden

The garden and the farm

This fun section guides you through a variety of fresh ingredients to custom create your own salads, grain bowls and flatbreads/pizzas

The Farm

the farm

This fun section guides you through a variety of fresh ingredients to custom create your own soups, burgers, lunch bells, hot & cold sandwiches and wraps, or order one from our menu.

The Bistro

the bistro

Here you’ll find comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, charging stations for mobile devices, a ‘serve yourself’ Hydration Station featuring filtered sparkling and flat water – surrounded by spectacular original art by local artists Sofia Enriquez and Karen & Tony Barone.

The Nook and Lounge

the farm

These comfortable spots offer cozy seating for lounging, relaxing and taking in the Wildest Greens scene.  Enjoy a meal or a coffee while you work on your computer, or read your favorite book.  For special occasions and private parties, we can lower the large screen and project your favorite images, video, or Blu-ray disc.

The Grab ‘n’ GO


We’ll prepare delicious, healthy grab-and-go selections for you including salads, sandwiches, grain bowls or other daily specials.

The Recycling Center

Bring your clean glass bottles and empty jars in from products you’ve previously purchased here for $.25 cents or credit to your account.


Find fabulous health-minded products and unique gifts in the Retail Shop including CBD hemp products,  digestive enzymes, powerful probiotics, fresh vibrant Organic Hawaiian Red Turmeric root flown in weekly from our Secret Beach Organics farm in Kauai.  There are even glass straws, locally made candles, and organic chocolates.  Remember, what you put on your skin gets into your body so we carry a line of Thieves oral care products, Josh Rosebrook organic skin care, and a line of Phresh deodorants free of aluminum.  This is a great place to shop for yourself or for buying unique gifts.

Upbeat music played over our state-of-the-art sound system is guaranteed to put pep in your step. With six points-of-sale registers, the wait time is minimal.


The luxury of two kitchens allow us to keep our ‘Cold Kitchen’ strictly for raw fruits and vegetables and our ‘Hot Kitchen’ solely for meats, poultry, and dairy products. The Cold Kitchen boasts its own walk-in refrigerator and commercial state-of-the-art cold press juicer. Our raw produce is double washed in water and an organic solution that kills bacteria.

Because we focus on serving you a big variety of raw foods which are buzzing with live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals we have taken extra precautions to make sure our food is not only super nutritious, but is also very safe. We’ve hired a consultant who has set up processes to ensure the standards of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points preventative food safety system are met..