Find a F.R.E.S.H New Career at Wildest Greens!

Wildest Greens is a place like no other in the region. At the cutting edge of nutrition and organic health trends, Wildest Greens caters to vegans, paleo, gluten-free and other eating styles. It’s just the place for you to find a F.R.E.S.H. new career – Fun, Revitalizing, Extraordinary, Social and Hip.

Fun: At Wildest Greens, our customers appreciate what we offer – a new and better way to fuel their bodies. We have a fun team who enjoys working together, and serving customers who feel fulfilled when they dine and spend time at Wildest Greens.

Revitalizing: If you’ve hit a crossroads and your career could use some invigorating, Wildest Place could be the place for you. We do things differently. We maximize healthy ingredients with inventive cuisine and beverages. It’s exciting to be part of this type of dining revolution that’s taking off all over the country.

Extraordinary: Careers at Wildest Greens stand out from the rest. We encourage Humor, Laughter, Learning, Patience, Healthfulness, Happiness, a Serving Heart and LOVE… love for yourself and for others. You’ll feel part of something bigger, and better, because you’re connected to a holistic way of life – where food is medicine and heals as much as it nourishes.

Social: Because we foster a positive and casual environment where our customers and employees thrive, there is a social side to your career at Wildest Greens that will feed your soul. You and your team will be trained together about nutrition, tastes, customer service, etc. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll have fun doing it.

Hip: We use branding that’s trend-setting… like you’ll see on the back of our shirts: Organic AF – Always Fresh and Romaine Calm – Lettuce Help You. You’ll enjoy benefits like free yoga and discounted meals. Our business approach is edgy – because we like it that way.

We are looking for young, energetic, smart people for both back and front of the house. If you’re looking for something F.R.E.S.H., come see us!