Health & Benefits

All of the ingredients used at Wildest Greens have been carefully chosen with optimal health benefits in mind.  Almost all of our ingredients are ‘certified organic’ and if we can’t find what we need that has been ‘certified’ we will purchase ‘naturally’ grown products.    Our healthy ‘low fat’ dishes have been created to appeal to a wide array of eating styles and to create a menu that would allow people that have diverse eating styles to have a space that they can come together and share a meal, conversation and an enjoyable memory.  Dine on ‘Vegan Faux Tuna, Bison Burgers, Omelettes, Avo Toast, Buddha Bowls, Smoothies, Coffees, Wines, Organic Vanilla ice cream and the best organic Carrot/Beet/Blueberry cake you’ve ever had.

Happiness Is Your Choice

Health starts with a positive attitude, then the body needs the proper nutrition and exercise.  Happiness is your choice to make and we remind you of that when you step in our front door.  Wildest Greens is a place to leave worry and stress outside, come into a fun and upbeat atmosphere and you already feel lighter.

We threw out the deep fryer that was left as part of the equipment from the last restaurant operation here.  All of our crispy crunch foods are that way because they’ve been baked, toasted, roasted or dehydrated.  White sugar has been replaced with dates, maple syrup, or organic raw cane sugar.  The ‘miracle root’ Turmeric is used in some of our salad dressings, juices and elixirs.  We even have a turmeric latte made with our ‘Four Barrel’ coffee blend.

There is so much healthy goodness on our menu, it would take you weeks to try everything.  Speaking of ‘goodness’, we aim to make healthy food taste amazing and not like what you might imagine ‘health food’ to be like.

We can help with the nutrition part and you can find lots of exercise options with flyers that are available at our front desk.